From Iain Stewart, CTP Director:

In the spirit of having more news on our webpage about junior CTP people, I want to add a note about our wonderful success at having past and current CTP members obtain junior faculty positions this year. To make it something that we can repeat, the criteria is that they obtained the job this year (eg. are listed this year on the rumor mill) and at some point they were a student, postdoc, or affiliated postdoc at MIT who was connected to the CTP. Here is the list this year:

  • Yang Ting Chien (Georgia State University)
  • Bernhard Mistlberger (SLAC)
  • Ian Moult (UC Irvine)
  • Anand Natarajan (MIT, EECS)
  • Lina Necib (MIT, Astro)
  • Katelin Schutz (McGill)
  • Ken Van Tilburg (NYU)
  • Nicole Yunger Halpern (NIST/U.Maryland)

Please let me know about other additions to this list.

Sept. 9th, 2020

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